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Nov 27, 2012 1:00am EST
, everybody. >> there are just five weeks until the fiscal cliff takes place. agricultural secretary dan goodman talks about efforts in congress to create a bipartisan agreement. from washington journal this is 40 minutes. >> is right after an election the best time to heed calls on citizenship. ? more ground be gained? >> well, think the president hass more choices. the public gave president obama a clear victory. congress is divide although the democrats picked up some seats in both places. if elections have consequences, wouven the consequences is the public has spoken. it's up to the legislative body and the president to work together like the fis cliff and the deficit. there's no better time to get a kick in the rear ends than after an election. >> you wrote a brees the democrats and the republicans agree. you looked at area where is you see agreement. as we head into this lame duck session and look at system of the big economic things on the table, do you see places that there are an agreement? >> you think we can easily win agreement. the issue of taxes and deficits and spending c
Nov 23, 2012 10:30pm EST
. >> dan has written a wonderful book but it you have not seen the exhibit downstairs, i think he will be impressed with what has been put together in celebration of the prohibition and anti prohibition movement. it is exciting to talk about prohibition for the reason that the election has put the question of anti prohibition before us all over again. in addition to the ballot initiative in colorado and washington, we have medical use approved in massachusetts and two new announcements in rhode island and maine that legislations will take up the question of decriminilization of marijuana for recreational use. the question of the day is one i will offer today which is what lessons can we draw from prohibition for today's issue? >> the first one we know that prohibition was a terrible failure. despite the best of intentions, there were good reasons for prohibition. the efforts did not succeed. the comparison i make is to prostitution. every society since the dawn has tried to outlaw prostitution and no one has succeeded. it is part of a world that once something and another part, it will
Nov 23, 2012 2:00pm EST
uncomfortable about walter having stepped down and dan rather stepping in. i think there was competition. there was jealousy. there was envy. uncomfortable about walter having stepped down and dan rather stepping in. i think there was competition. there was jealousy. there was envy. i think on walter's part there was some regret. he was such a young man to leave that job. he was such an icon even in his own day. what made me excited was that, through all of that, the reportg did not change at all. in some ways, it gradually did start to change at cbs. but, for me, i could not believe it. i felt like these people were so professional. i was scared to death. that is a good thing, i think, that you feel like you have a lot of experience and you have done a lot of reporting and producing and you understand television news, but you are surrounded people who are really good and challenge you. i love that. i felt like i was able to learn some of the more traditional values you will at the school that started in our building. i will talk about those a little bit as we go. i also got very fortuna
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3